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Eleven Eleven   By Charles Thaxton

“Just finished listening to the superb new EXCHANGE CD which arrived earlier, and this is a home run for Gerald & Steve. It retains the familiar feel of their past efforts with state of the art production techniques to deliver a truly cinematic experience. Buy it!”

Eleven Eleven   By Dan J. Shulte

“Eleven/Eleven is a fantastic sequel to their previous work! You guys faithfully steer forward but give those of us who have listened to you for 20+ years a sweet dose of classic Exchange. Thanks guys, your uplifting and profound music is definitely a gift.”

Into The Night   By Bob Ludwig

“Brilliant …… Good One! …… One of the best I’ve heard, seriously. I mastered it totally digitally on the Neve DTC-1 Console …….. Sounds great!”

Where The Truth Lies   By David_Erif

favorite track: “The song “Where The Truth Lies” is simply amazing. It has life of its own. Those who remember the TV series will know what I’m talking about. The rest of the soundtrack is also beautiful, reflecting the magical world of King Arthur’s legend, but the the edge of the score still remains on that first song. Worthy of attention.”

Legend of Prince Valiant Soundtrack   By “siraugie”

“This is one of the greatest cds ever produced for a cartoon series, a friend of mine lent me this and after i heard i began looking for it, and now I’m glad I’ve found it. This cd has great arrangements, including medieval music, and the song “Where the Truth Lies” makes this cd unforgettable and an overall great listening cd, making some of the tv series fans remember some great moments of Valiant as well as the opening and ending songs. Just like travelling back to the splendour of Camelot and King Arthur’s Court !!!!!!!!!!!!”

Between Places

“An amazing band …… wish they put out more records, a shame they weren’t more noticed. Steve Sexton and Gerald O’Brien are the core of the band & I’m in love with their playing & writing abilities. They just put out great records! Have noticed Steve Sexton on other projects, and only wish they both would put out another CD .….. great band!”

David Hasselhoff – Until The Last Teardrop Falls   Eric Spitznagel and Brendan Baber

“David Hasselhoff takes on a more spiritual tone. The song reminds us that the world is filled with fear and hatred, but the singer can offer relief and maybe even salvation. Song featured in episode of Baywatch.”

Into The Night

“This Cd is a classic!! I hear excerpts of this album weekly on television and just don’t get tired of their music. This is my favourite of all their CDs. The musician’s are from Canada Steve Sexton and Gerald Obrien, and they compose, arrange, and perform on everything. Steve Sexton has worked with Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Anne Murray, Dolly Parton, Bare Naked Ladies, etc. and Gerald has worked with Hall & Oates, Klattu, Surrender.”

Rick Springfield – Her Body Makes Vows   Gomer Records

“Is a third unreleased track from the Karma sessions. Another gem of course. This is another high-tech Sahara Snow style track with a moody heart and a mellow tone. Not as sonically clear sound wise as the first two Karma off-cuts, but still cool.”

Legend of Prince Valiant Soundtrack  By George Kovka

“The song “Where the Truth Lies” has haunted me for years with its powerful melody and lyrics. The song alone is worth purchasing the CD. The sound bite up there hardly does it justice. If you remember this series, which was short-lived (a shame, I disliked the comic but loved the show), then this is for you. The instrumental pieces on here are also worth listening.”

Beyond Words  By bri13868

“This album fits into any situation. Music to work by, relax or anything else. This album is an intellectual masterpiece.”

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